Non Woven Agriculture Fabrics

  • Our FABRICS are made from polypropylene an economical and environment friendly polymer; by spinning the material into fine filaments and bonding them by heat without use of any binders. Necessary additives for UV protection are added depending on application. Our FABRIC is a modern textile which is neither a film nor a conventional textile. It is very light weight and therefore very economical. Our FABRICS basically create a microclimate providing uniform ventilation there by encouraging early growth and development of the plant and/or crop with the valuable end result of both improvement in quality and yield. Our FABRIC Protects the plant from cold and frost upto approx. 5°C some circulating moisture is trapped by it and in the event of a frost this film freezes providing the plant with natural frost protection. It minimizes the dangers caused by hail, heavy rains and storms.

Commercial Applications

Our FABRIC is used as a covering material for garden, protective material from agriculture vermin, heavy rain, hall rain, over heating. This material ensures optimal microclimate for growth of plants and reduces periods of maturing; it is also used as a covering material for greenhouse, gardenbeds and for protection from frost, covering material for ground mulching and dealing with weeds.

Outlay :

Both manual or mechanical laying is possible. Generally they are laid just like a film. Since they are very light they must be handled with extra care. When laying sufficient margin over and above the normal field width must be allowed for growth and securing. They must be neither too loose or tight especially in the direction in which the wind is or may blow. The Fabric must be secured at the edge: a spade full of earth at regular intervals will generally be adequate. The Fabric is reusable for the next season if not damaged. The tension must be adjusted suitably depending upon the crop.

Packing :

Material is reeled in rolls (weight of roll is as per customer requirement), wound round paper tube and wrapped up in polyethylene film. Our FABRICS can be made 20% to 80% transparent and with their uniform structure are uniformly water permeable. Plants covered with Our FABRIC can be fertilized afterwards if required.